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Key Areas A House Inspection Must Include

When you employ the services of a building inspection company, it is important you understand exactly what the house inspection will cover. Inspections are designed to be comprehensive and pay particular attention to many areas of a property. The following list, whilst not exhaustive, will offer you a guide so that you can be confident your building inspection is as thorough as it should be.

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Property interior

It is important to know that a building inspection will report on the condition of many key areas inside of the home. This includes checking for wall movement, checking windows and doors, looking for signs of subsidence as well as inspecting all wet areas for signs of damp and rot etc.

Property exterior

Once the inspector steps outside the property, they will pay close attention to any retaining walls, the driveway, sheds or garages too. They will be looking out for any structural concerns, and ensuring everything has been built according to the required standards and regulations and that any alterations have not been illegally made. This goes for any decking and verandahs also.

The roof and roof space are also inspected, so too is the chimney and the under floor area if it is accessible. Guttering and downpipes are also on the list with a view to ensuring that water can adequately flow away from the property to ensure damage to the home or foundations is not forthcoming.

It is important to be aware that these areas are always inspected unless it is unsafe to do so or access is not available.

House inspection report

At the conclusion of your house inspection, it is essential that you are provided with a thorough, easy to understand report outlining any findings and recommendations on how to address the concerns. View our Sample Report for an indication of what you should expect to receive after a thorough house inspection.

It is important to be aware too that every building inspection company will have slight variations to what they include or, more importantly, exclude from an inspection. You’re going to want to ensure that your report is comprehensive and not just surface level. That’s why it’s best to trust Action property Inspections for your house inspection.

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