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Top 10 Questions Brisbane Asks About Building Inspections

Do you have a burning question about building inspections in Brisbane and its surrounds? You’re not the only one! When it comes to your questions about building inspections Brisbane based Action Property Inspections has you covered.

From ‘What causes cracks in walls?’ to ‘Are weatherboard houses a good investment?’ Brisbane buyers have been hungry for answers before they invest, and rightly so! A pre-purchase building inspection is the only way you can know the true condition of your prospective buy and ensure a smart investment.

The 10 Most Asked Questions About Building Inspections Brisbane

The hottest topics on Brisbane buyers’ lips this year feature everything from house restumping and buying in a flood zone to termites and broken roof tiles.

Take a look at the top 10 questions about building inspections that buyers want an answer to before they invest in a property. Have a question you need answered now? Ask a Brisbane building inspector today.

What causes cracks in walls?

You’re getting ready to purchase a property, but you’ve noticed unsightly cracks in the walls. Is this something you need to worry about? Read here to learn about the types and causes of wall cracks, the cost of repairing them and what to do when you discover cracks in the walls of your prospective property.

Are weatherboard houses a good investment? Read this before you buy

What do worker’s cottages, Federation homes, Queenslanders, Californian bungalows and post-war homes all have in common? They all feature weatherboard and are dotted throughout Brisbane suburbs. This post discusses the pros and cons of weatherboard homes and why you should contact a Brisbane building inspector when you’re thinking about buying a weatherboard home.

Roof pitch issues when buying a home with an enclosed verandah

Is the roof pitch over the verandah in your prospective property causing you concern? Learn about the common issues associated with a pitched roof, including roof leaks and drainage, and how a pre-purchase building inspection of your roof pitch can give you peace of mind.

News: Flying termite swarm in Brisbane

If you think termites are a nuisance, wait until you hear about winged termites! Brisbane is no stranger to swarms of winged termites after rainy periods. Think your potential new buy may be termite-affected? This post explains your best course of action in protecting your property against a termite infestation.

Pre-purchase building inspection report

Everyone seems to be talking about pre-purchase building inspections, but what exactly are they and do you need one? This post explains the pre-purchase building inspection process, including the state-of-the-art technology used to inspect your home. It also prepares you for what to expect in your pre-purchase building inspection report.

How ant caps can save you thousands

Ant caps won’t protect your home from termites, but they will tell you when there is termite activity in and around your home. Learn more about ant caps and how they can help you protect your investment, save money and nip serious pest issues in the bud.

House restumping in Brisbane – costs and considerations

Think your prospective property may need restumping? Learn the tell-tale signs of stumping issues and what you can expect to pay to restump a property. Find out why stumps deteriorate, and how a Brisbane building inspection can determine whether a property needs to be restumped or not.

A house on stumps for restumping Brisbane.

I’m buying a home in the flood zone in Brisbane

Flood waters can cause devastating damage to properties affecting everything from a house’s foundation and structure to ceilings and walls. This post explains how to check if your potential buy is in a Brisbane flood zone and why a Brisbane building inspection is essential for flood-affected homes even if they have been renovated.

Broken roof tiles? Why this can be nothing . . . or everything

Failure to replace or repair broken tiles on a property can put the property at risk of serious and costly issues including water damage, mould and mildew, and wood rot. Learn how to spot the signs of a damaged roof and when you should engage a professional to complete a detailed examination of the property and its roof.

Terracotta roof tiles. Inspecting for broken roof tiles.

Why retaining wall inspections are essential

It’s not just your house, roof and verandah or pergola that require a pre-purchase building inspection. Your Brisbane building inspection should also thoroughly inspect any retaining walls on your property. This post investigates the different types of retaining walls, what can go wrong with retaining walls and danger signs to look out for.

There you have it, the top 10 questions on Brisbane buyers’ minds this year. Purchasing a home is one of the biggest investments you will make in your life. It’s no wonder you will be full of questions about the property you intend to buy.

Need advice on pre-purchase building inspections?

The team at Action Property Inspections offers free expert advice to any investor preparing to buy in Brisbane. Our highly qualified and experienced building inspectors know Brisbane and Brisbane homes. They are the only choice when it comes to inspecting your prospective new property in Brisbane.

When you invest in a Brisbane building inspector, you can be guaranteed to receive a thorough property inspection, a comprehensive report and friendly advice. Your building inspector will inspect every inch of your prospective property from the house interior and exterior to the decking, roof and underfloor area.

Our Brisbane building inspectors use state-of-the art technology, digital photography, moisture metres and thermal imaging to fully assess the true condition of your home. If issues are unveiled in your property, don’t stress. Our Brisbane building inspectors will not leave you high and dry and fumbling for what to do. You will receive a detailed post-inspection report outlining any issues uncovered and what is required to fix them.

You may decide to address the issues that have been raised, step away from the purchase or use the findings to negotiate a lower price.

A pre-purchase building inspection is the only way to fully understand the condition of the property you are buying. It can give you peace of mind and valuable bargaining power.

Thinking about investing in a pre-purchase building inspection before you buy? Contact Action Property Inspections today for advice on how a building inspection can help you make the right investment choice.

Have a question about building inspections in Brisbane? Ask an inspector today.


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