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What We Learned From 280 5-Star Building Inspection Reviews!

What We Learned from Our 280 5-Star Building Inspector Reviews

We’ve been in the building inspection industry for a long time. With a wealth of experience comes knowledge. We know that quality building inspections are important. We know what it can cost when buyers skip this all-important step.  

Still, we’re always learning new things, and with 280 5-star reviews, we’ve had plenty of opportunities to learn from our clients and their building inspection experiences. Here are the most important things we’ve learned about building inspection.  

A building inspection is important

A comprehensive building inspection is an important part of the property-buying process and is never where buyers should cut costs. By seeking an inspection from a skilled and qualified building inspector, you might save yourself thousands of dollars in the long run.  

Often, building inspections pick up on defects that buyers aren’t aware of. In some cases, the issues are even news to the seller! When buyers know these details before they commit to a contract, they can ensure that prices are fair and reasonable. Many of our Brisbane clients have been able to negotiate tens of thousands of dollars off  their contract price!  

At the inspection stage, buyers have a chance to request fixes for major problems or to wave goodbye to an issue-heavy property in favour of something less likely to require costly repairs.  

In the words of S Fielding-Smith from Brisbane, “Cancelled a contract on a house based on their report which ended up saving me thousands of dollars.” We’re glad to help buyers stay in control!  

A seller’s building inspection report isn’t enough

Sadly, a seller’s building inspection report just isn’t enough when it comes to ensuring that a property is everything it should be.  

Sellers are biased by a desire to sell, and this can lead to costly omissions of property problems. That’s not to mention that some sellers use inspectors who are prepared to provide a less than accurate report for a fee. 

To ensure that they can be confident in their inspection report and the property they’re purchasing, buyers should always seek the help of an independent building inspector during their building and pest clause. This way, a professional and unbiased inspector can make sure that all problems are picked up on and resolved before they become new homeowner expenses.  

A worthwhile ‘roadworthy’ inspection for your potential new home. What looked okay turned out to be a termite-infected mess that was not disclosed or obvious to us,” said J Morris. Lucky we conducted an inspection!  

If we know anything for sure, it’s this: when buying a property, it’s important to trust your gut and seek an independent opinion to ensure that you’re getting a fair price and a defect-free home.  

Working with a professional building inspector is the best way to catch issues before they become expensive problems.  


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