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Durack Suburb Profile

The excitement – and yes, stress – involved in house hunting is often a whirlwind, but there is one thing you don’t want to forget – booking your pre-purchase property inspection! Durack is a suburb on a known flood plain in Brisbane. So if your heart is set on this lovely, peaceful suburb just 15 kilometres from Brisbane’s CBD, you need to know what you’re in for and where is safe to buy. Book a pre-purchase property inspection today and make your move a relatively stress-free one.  

Why you should live in Durack!

Durack got its name as a result of a newspaper competition in 1976. It lies 15 kilometres south west of Brisbane city and enjoys a close proximity to Brisbane’s CBD.  Public transport makes Durack a convenient place to live for those who commute to the city for work, with Route 110 buses going to the CBD, and Salisbury train station also being close by. As a result, Durack is home to a number of young professionals and young families.  

Durack is a lovely, multi-cultural place to raise a family. The Australian International Islamic College has made its home in Durack since 2005, and it is also home to the Phap Quang Vietnamese Buddhist temple, reflecting Durack’s rich Vietnamese culture. Of the 7487 population, more than 14% were born in Vietnam. You’ll also find fantastic Vietnamese restaurants in nearby Darra.  

Searching for your dream home in Durack?
Don’t forget to
book a pre-purchase property and pest inspection!

The lifestyle in Durack is also a major selling point. The suburb is close to a great golf course, as well as Inala Shopping Centre, complete with JB Hi Fi, Bunnings, and supermarkets. Four parks cover about 3.5% of Durack’s 4 square kilometres.  

Durack has an excellent long-term potential for growth, which is demonstrated through its positive growth streak through the period of 2014 – 2017. Houses in Durack are reasonably affordable, with the median house price currently sitting at around $500,000. This is especially significant considering the growth the area (including nearby Darra and the Richlands) has seen in recent years. The median rent for the area is also relatively affordable at $430 per week for a 3-bedroom house. Landlords can receive strong rental returns at an average of 4.8% per year.  

What you need to know!

Durack is a fantastic place to live, but it also comes with a few negatives. Since 2011, it has been identified as a known flood risk. A building inspector with a knowledge of Durack and the surrounds will be able to identify any issues with new and old builds. They can also tell you where the areas that are less likely to flood might be. With Durack properties being so affordable, demand in recent years has remained strong despite the flood risk. Don’t walk into your Durack dream home unarmed – walk in armed with all the knowledge you need to make a safe and secure decision for you and your family.  

Ensure your Durack dream isn’t actually a nightmare in disguise by booking a pre-purchase property inspection.

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