If you’re buying a home with gas in Brisbane, there are checks that must be done to ensure installations have been completed by a licensed professional. Here’s what you need to know when buying a house with gas in Brisbane.
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Buying a Home with Gas in Brisbane? Here’s what you need to know!

There is always a list of needs and wants potential buyers will check off when they walk through a house that is open for inspection. While immediate needs like location and space are high on the priority list, more and more buyers are becoming savvy about the environmental features a house can offer. Gas is one of those features that has many benefits, yet also has considerations to know about. If you’re buying a home with gas in Brisbane, here’s what you need to know.

The pros of buying a house with gas in Brisbane

There are many positive benefits to purchasing a home in Brisbane that has natural gas piped to the property. These include:

  • Natural gas is safer to store and handle than other fossil fuels
  • It burns cleaner than all other fossil fuels which means it’s the most environmentally friendly
  • It’s cheaper than electricity
  • It’s reliable and can’t be turned off from a power surge or storm
  • Offers controlled heating when using appliances like a stove cook top or instantaneous hot water unit

Disadvantages of buying a house with gas in Brisbane

  • Appliances must be checked and tested every two years
  • It’s a combustible material so must be plumbed in correctly by a licensed gas fitter
  • It’s not renewable
  • It does contribute to greenhouse gases
  • It’s costly to get a gas meter installed to your property if gas hasn’t been previously installed to your home

How to find out if your house in Brisbane is connected to Natural Gas

Not all houses in Brisbane have a connection to natural gas. Australian Gas Networks can tell you if gas is available in your postcode on their website.

The easiest way to check if a house you intend to buy has a natural gas line is to look at the appliances installed and check outside for a gas meter. The identification of gas appliances alone should not be relied on as the presence of a natural gas meter as these appliances may be run off LPG bottled gas.

What to check for if your house has LPG Gas installed

LPG gas has been known to be slightly more expensive than natural gas, but less expensive than electricity. It offers an alternative to homes where a natural gas line is not present or a meter is too costly to install.

LPG bottles will have limitations on where they can be installed outside.

LPG gas also needs to be regularly changed over once the bottles run out. This can be inconvenient if a bottle has not been replaced and you need gas for your appliances.

Inspecting a house with gas appliances

If you’re considering a house in Brisbane with gas, it’s important to get a gas inspection. Gas fittings should have yellow handles. The presence of a different coloured handle is a sign of unlicensed gas work and it should be inspected by a licensed gas fitter immediately to rectify.

On a stove top, if the flame is more yellow than blue, an adjustment to the appliance will be needed.

A separate inspection by a licensed gas fitter to test the appliances in the property and check the gas installation – whether natural or LPG – is important to include on your pre-purchase checklist. A plumber who is also a licensed gas fitter can do a plumbing and gas line check in the one call out inspection.


If you are looking to purchase a house with gas in Brisbane, be sure to give Action Inspections a call to organise a pre-purchase inspection


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