Brisbane loves a good McMansion – but is it for you? What’s to know about these mega-homes?

The Rise of McMansions in Brisbane: Don’t Sign Off on the Dream Yet!

You might have heard the term ‘McMansion’ when looking for potential new homes in Brisbane. It’s a term that gets thrown around quite a lot – there is no shortage of McMansions in Brisbane – but what does the term actually mean?

What’s a McMansion?

McMansion is a kind of catch-all term with definite negative connotations. It refers to a mass-produced, large-scale dwelling that’s typically made with low-quality materials (and shoddy workmanship). They’re designed to LOOK wealthy but the actual quality of the homes leaves a lot to be desired.

These homes often ‘cluster’ in pockets, generally in outlying working class suburbs and developments. They’re supposed to evoke an air of class and prestige but their ‘sameness’ and tendency to be poorly built means they’re typically anything but. The fake fancy veneer can be hiding a veritable doom dungeon of faults that purchasers are often blind to.

Why are McMansions a dangerous choice?

A stipulation needs to be made here that purchasing a McMansion is not necessarily always a bad choice. As per any home purchase, you need to ensure that you get the property carefully checked to make sure it’s everything you’ve hoped for (and nothing you’ve been scared about).

The reasons that a McMansion is a potentially dangerous investment are:

Ages Quickly

The design of these huge homes is often very era-specific, meaning when that time has passed, you’ll be stuck with the structure of yesterday. There’s no ‘timeless’ when it comes to McMansions. Terracotta tiles, anyone?

Falls Apart Fast

If you’re considering a property that’s been constructed with significantly poor workmanship, then you need to expect things to fall apart – and fast. Pretty cornices may hide horrors underneath them due to fast turnaround, dodgy and cheap materials, and workers who probably couldn’t have cared less about what they were doing.

The Size of the Problem

These places are HUGE. What comes with HUGE space? HUGE upkeep. Think of the time you’ll spend cleaning – you’ll barely be finished before the dust starts to settle at the other end of the home.

Potential to Devalue

Are the surrounding streets filled with similar properties? Consider the potential for this area to devalue as these homes go out of style and aren’t amenable with busy, budget-conscious lifestyles.

Buyer Beware

Making a real estate purchase is a serious financial investment. You need to make sure you know what you’re getting into. Talk to the experts at Action Inspections today for your pre-purchase inspection. Better safe than sorry!

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