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How to Spot A Dodgy Building and Pest Inspector – What Advice to Avoid


Great title for an article, right? Who wants bad advice? Unfortunately, the internet is full of incorrect information. If you’re trying to find the best building and pest inspector in Brisbane – be very wary of whose advice you take!

We’ve been in the industry for over 28 years and we’re amongst Brisbane’s most reputable building inspectors. We pride ourselves on being honest and impartial, which is why we’re here to share the WORST advice we’ve heard about engaging a building and pest inspector.

The most commonly-asked question and the worst possible responses!

“Hi, I am looking to buy a property in Brisbane and was just wondering if there are any recommendations for building and pest inspectors. I have searched online and have found many in the Brisbane area. Are they all are the same or are there better recommendations available? Thank you! – Sarah”

This is the most common question we’ve come across in online communities. Here are some of the worst answers we see in response to questions like these.

  • “I recommend you call an agent local to the property and ask them for recommendations.”
  • “I recommend ABC Property Inspections.” – A recommendation from a real estate agent.
  • “I would highly recommend 123 Inspections” – A recommendation from a mortgage broker.
  • “I got a great quote for a combined building and pest inspection from ABC Inspections. Such a bargain.”
  • “Try and go through your solicitor as they may get special discounts with companies.”

Now, let’s look at why each of these five answers is probably NOT the best advice you’ll ever receive about building and pest inspections.

1. Taking recommendations from a real estate agent

So, let’s share a hypothetical. A real estate agent is selling you a house. You’re interested in buying that house but want to have a building and pest inspection carried out first. The real estate agent recommends a building and pest inspector for you to use. You agree and book them in. The real estate agent really needs to make the sale. He calls the building and pest inspector and says, “Hey mate, we want an honest inspection on this house but if there were, say, problems getting into the manhole, that would be a huge help to us.”

A little ‘back scratching’ between agents and inspectors means more work for the inspectors, and more sales for the agent. When it comes to selling property, the seller pays the agent and, naturally, the agent is always on the seller’s side.

Always do your research and choose an independent inspector.

2. Taking recommendations from a mortgage broker

Let’s share another hypothetical.

You approach a mortgage broker because you’d like to take out a loan for a house. You find a house you love but you’d like to have a building and pest inspection carried out first. Your mortgage broker recommends a building and pest inspector, who you decide to use. Your mortgage broker calls the inspector and says, “Hey mate, you are booked in to do an inspection for my client tomorrow. Of course, an honest inspection is essential but if there were, say, some termite damage in the wall cavity that you couldn’t accurately see, that’d be a huge help.”

The day of the inspection you receive a good building and pest inspection report. You decide to buy the house. The mortgage broker sells a loan and gets his cut. But where does that leave you when you realise the report was more designed to help the broker receive his commissions as opposed to giving you an accurate report.

An independent building inspector works for YOU – not the agent, mortgage broker or seller.

3. Combine building and pest inspections because it’s cheaper

On paper, this might be true. But don’t be fooled! Getting one person to do both your building and pest inspection is not going to save you money in the long term. Not only are building inspections and pest inspections two completely different skill sets, it’s highly likely that one set of eyes will not pick up the level of detail that two separate perspectives can detect.

The cheapest option is not always the best option. Be prepared to pay a little extra to have two separate inspections. The inspections can still be conducted at the same time but carried out by two different inspectors – one expert in building inspections, one expert in pest inspections. An extra couple of hundred dollars spent at the beginning could save thousands in repairs when faults turn up down the track.

At Action Property Inspections, we recommend having separate building and pest inspections. We work with a number of reputable Brisbane pest inspectors and can arrange the inspection on your behalf to save you time and money.


4. Taking recommendations from a solicitor for special discounts

Do you notice a pattern happening here? A solicitor is another specialist you would normally engage when it comes to purchasing your home. They want your conveyancing business when you purchase the house. We need not share a hypothetical on this one!

We wouldn’t dream of accusing any of these professionals of illegal activity, but the fact is that not all inspectors are as honest as others. Nor are they all equally qualified or accredited, so it can be easy for them to overlook faults – especially if they’re distracted by a pushy agent!

So how do you get good advice on the best building and pest inspector in Brisbane?

The smartest way to approach your research into the best building and pest inspectors in Brisbane is to do your own research by asking people you know. The best recommendations are always from your friends and family who have successfully purchased a fault-free property.

Don’t run the risk of receiving a building and pest inspection report that is not in your favour. At Action Property Inspections, we are forthright in our findings and offer unbiased Full Defect Reports. 82% of our work stems from referrals from happy clients, not real estate agents, mortgage brokers or solicitors!

Want to see why Action Property Inspections is the best building and pest inspector in Brisbane? Read our testimonials HERE.


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