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What Do I Do If Building & Pest Reports Differ After Buyers Inspect My Home?

What Do I Do If Building and Pest Reports Differ After Buyers Inspect My Home?

If you have found there is a discrepancy between different building and pest inspectors when it comes to inspecting your home, you may have some justifiable concerns that need addressing.

They’ve been to inspect my home but they’re saying different things

It’s common when selling your home to have a variety of inspectors carrying out investigations. As a seller, you may have arranged for a pre-sale inspection (or a pre-purchase inspection) at the request of your real estate agent. This is to ensure that your property sale representative is armed with as much information as possible to safeguard against any unforeseen issues that may come up in the sales process.

However, there are other players involved in this process. Your potential buyers will be arranging building and pest inspections of their own and they’ll most likely secure a different company to carry those out. If you have multiple potential buyers, you can expect to multiply those reports to match the amount of interested parties. As not all building inspectors are created equal, you’re bound to find that things don’t quite match up. And that’s not your fault.

What are my rights if they inspect my home?

Your purchasers are well within their rights to arrange inspections and it’s in their best interests to do so! They must have a full understanding of the property in order to make an informed decision.

Therefore, you must ensure that YOU are safeguarded as well. It’s up to you to make sure you know the ins and outs of your property so there can be no accusation of misrepresentation.

You can find out more about your rights in the pre-sale process here.

What should I do about these discrepancies?

This is a potentially stressful time for you – as if selling your home was not stressful enough! Here are some straight-forward steps that you can take to make sure that you can progress past this rough patch towards the light that is a sale going unconditional.

Step 1: Review the area

If an inspection report (or multiple reports) are indicating a problematic area then you must closely examine it. Do you see the problem? Is it obvious or does it require further investigation? Is this potentially an area that could jeopardise your sale? Was this problem at all indicated in reports done by your own inspector?
If you used a building and pest inspector that was recommended to you by your real estate, then you have potentially done yourself a disservice. These inspectors are rarely objective and it’s more than likely that your best interests were not at the heart of the decision. Selecting a new, independent building and pest inspection company would be an intelligent move.

Step 2: Seek legal advice

Legal representation is a necessary step to take to avoid further problems. Misrepresenting a property that you are selling means you may well be liable for legal action, as well as providing a potentially unsafe home for the family who purchases your property. Your best bet would be to seek appropriate legal advice BEFORE getting back in contact with your potential purchasers.

Step 3: Call in an independent building and pest inspector

If you are finding that multiple inspectors had issues with aspects of your property that the inspector you originally used did NOT find, then it may be time for a second opinion.

Your building and pest inspection company should be taking their time with their inspection rather than rushing through. This is an in-depth process and one that should be carried out with the utmost care.

Unfortunately, more and more building inspection companies are becoming affiliated with real estate agencies which means they are possibly receiving commission for their inspections. These inspections are not impartial – they are designed to be QUICK in order to receive the highest possible outcome for the real estate agent.

Selecting an independent company who pride themselves on having no affiliations means that you are receiving an objective, unbiased look at what your property is truly like. Getting the job done right is the best way to guard against potential problems in the future. Protect yourself and the sale of your property by demanding the absolute best of a building inspector.

Interested in what a REAL inspection is like? You can find out what should be going on here.

Step 4: Draw your agent back in

Now that you are armed with information, draw your real estate agent back into the picture. It’s possible that your previous inspection was not carried out properly. It’s also possible that the inspectors involved on the buyer’s side did not do their jobs properly either. Whatever happened, it’s now important that everyone is able to move forward in an honest, upfront way to make sure that the sale of your home can progress as normal.

I’m worried about having people inspect my home

It’s understandable that, given this drama, you’re feeling anxious and concerned about what’s taking place. You may be angry with your real estate agent or with the potential buyers. It’s easy to feel targeted and attacked.

Try to keep in mind that a professional company would never make you feel this way. This is a process that’s stressful enough and it does not need extra drama and stress thrown in just because someone was trying to get their job done quickly.

Legal advice, an appropriately responsible inspection company and a few moments to calm down and reflect are what the doctor ordered. Take a moment to be thankful that potential hazards in your property were identified and addressed and that you can look forward to the sale of your home comfortable in the knowledge that it will be done RIGHT.

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