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What Building Inspections In Brisbane Can Reveal About The Plumbing In Your Home

Building inspections in Brisbane on any property you choose to purchase are vital in ensuring peace of mind. A lot can go wrong when purchasing a home that hasn’t been inspected before the sale becomes unconditional. The costs of rectifying issues that could have been identified at the inspection can be avoided.

A key area of a building that can cost many thousands to fix is the plumbing. Plumbing problems can be masked cleverly, but your building inspector may detect issues which may not be noticeable to the average eye.  We would always advise a licensed plumber be engaged to carry out a plumbing inspection prior to purchase. 

Here are some of the plumbing issues your building inspection in Brisbane may uncover. It should be noted that a building inspector is not a licensed plumber, however is able to provide a basic overview of what he can legally inspect as a licensed building inspector.


The most common plumbing problem in a house is the water leak. Leaks can come in a variety of forms, whether from the water or waste pipes. A building inspector will investigate moisture present in vanities, kitchen cupboards and under floorboards if the house is elevated for the inspector to easily examine floors from the ground level. A bubbled kicker or water stain on floor boards can be a tell-tale sign of water damage. This issue can be a simple fix or it could require more investigation – especially if the leak is coming from a bathroom where a shower is present.

Blocked Fixtures

Water should flow freely down the sink, basin, shower and bath drains. If the water pools at the drain in the fixture, a blockage is present. It could be a partial blockage to the waste pipe attached to the fixture or it could be a bigger problem where tree roots may be present in the main sewer. Building inspections don’t generally identify where a blockage could be. To get the blockage investigated and therefore an understanding of how big the blockage is, book a plumbing inspection with a drain camera.

Incorrect installations

A building inspection will ensure the basics of plumbing installations have been fitted correctly. For example, hot water should be on the left and cold water should be installed on the right. If this configuration is incorrect throughout the house it will need to be changed. A tempering valve should be installed on the hot water unit, ensuring hot water is tempered to 50 degrees Celsius throughout the house to avoid scalds.  

A building inspection report will give a basic overview of the plumbing at your property. For an in depth plumbing report, a plumbing inspection should be booked – especially if the building inspection has uncovered plumbing problems.

If you have your heart set on a new property purchase in 2019, be sure to book a pre-purchase building inspection with Action Property Inspections. It will give you peace of mind, ensuring the house you are purchasing won’t require extra financial investment to fix.

For the most thorough building inspections, Brisbane home buyers trust Action Inspections. Call today on 1800 642 465. 



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