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Is Roof Damage on Your Inspection Report a Dealbreaker?

A building inspection is an important step in the home purchasing process. As a prospective buyer, you should always have one completed before you make a purchase. What happens when that report comes back and the inspector has found roof damage? Is it a dealbreaker?  

It doesn’t have to be. It’s essential to get to grips with what caused the damage, whether that issue is still present, and how bad it is. Is it low-level damage that requires a patch or a few replacement tiles? Or does the building need a brand-new roof?  

What You Need To Know

Brisbane’s roofs have a lot to contend with, from high winds and storms, as well as high temperatures, surrounding trees and possumsWe will look at both the outside and inside of roof to detect if there is any damage. The inspector will check the structure and roof space, looking for moistureroof leaks and general damp issues as well as checking for signs of structural failure and incorrect roof construction.  

A minor issue is classed as a simple repair and would be dislodging roof tiles, flashing repairs, and sealing around vent penetrations. These are easily affordable, but they can spiral into serious structural problems if these issues are ignored. The bigger the issue, the more expensive the repairs, especially where there is damage to joists, trusses, or beams etc. If you have a repair budget to work with, then none of these is a dealbreaker. You can fix rusty roofing or minor damage to roof framing, but be careful as it is easy to add thousands of dollars to your renovation budgetFor example, a full-roof replacement is certainly not a cost you want to incur.  

Depending on what the inspector has found during your roof inspection, you may want to enlist a professional roofer to provide a detailed quote. This will give you a clear idea of the potential repair or replacement costs. The critical thing to understand is that the building inspection report is the best way for you to renegotiate the best possible purchase price. So, while you may have to deal with repair issues, it might be worth your while if you can negotiate a great purchase price. 

We’re Thorough

There is a good reason why some estate agents hate it when Action Property Inspections enter the picture. We have a dependable reputation in the business for being incredibly thorough, and we back every fault we find with hard evidence.  If you want an inspection company that gets the job done well, you want Action Property Inspections.  

Want to avoid buying a home with major roof damage? Contact us today to book your pre-purchase property inspection.


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