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Get Quality Home Inspections Before You Buy!

Why You Should Always Opt For Quality Home Inspections

A full property inspection can cost you a lot of money. You may ask yourself, is it worth spending so much on your house inspection? The answer is, you can’t afford not to. Quality home inspections protect your investment and the wellbeing of your loved ones.

Why do I need a building inspection?

Before you buy a property, several reports need to be completed. One such report is a building inspection. A building inspection will give you the low down on the condition of your prospective home. Unless you are a builder yourself, you won’t know what to look for. That’s why you hire the services of the professionals. Quality home inspections will cover all areas of the home.


Scrimping on a building inspection, will cost you in the long run. We will tell you why.

Why shouldn’t I go with the cheapest home inspection quote?

You know the old saying “you get what you pay for”, which applies for all types of products and services. That’s because good work does not come cheap. Quality home inspections may be costly, but by skipping such services, you will be setting yourself up for nasty surprises down the track.

Take this real life Brisbane scenario: Sarah called Action Property Inspections to quote for a pre-purchase building inspection report. She also called another firm, and obtained a cheaper quote. Sarah opted for the cheaper inspection. So far, Sarah’s new property has cost her $20k in repairs, which her chosen inspector missed. You see, Action Property Inspections may not be the cheapest, but that’s because you are paying for expert knowledge and experience. You pay for a quality home inspection that looks into absolutely everything, uncovering every tiny detail that may otherwise go unnoticed.

Why should I choose a quality home inspection?

When you are willing to part with half a million dollars or more, the cost of a quality home inspection is irrelevant, particularly when you think about the cost of future unforeseen repairs.

Bargaining tool

When your home inspection report uncovers uncertainties in your future property, you could very well use these as a bargaining tool on the price. For example, what happens if your home requires restumping? A thorough inspection will notice stump problems and you can use this as a way to reduce the asking price. Either that, or you could request your future home is restumped prior to your sale agreement.

Your home insurance won’t cover the repair costs

Imagine you paid just a few hundred dollars for a basic building and pest inspection, which did not uncover a termite infestation. White ants are incredibly destructive, and can work through your housing structure at a rapid rate. What happens after you have moved in and you discover termite damage on your property? You’re looking at hundreds if not thousands of dollars in repairs. Your home insurance won’t cover this. If you had arranged a quality home inspection, the termite activity would’ve been identified, or potential barriers put in place. All for just a few dollars more, than an inadequate inspection, you are saving yourselves money in the long run.

Get professional specialist advice on identified problems

If your home inspection report highlights major problems, you can then seek further specialist advice. It helps to know how your property will be affected by identified issues in the future.

What can a quality home inspection uncover?

A building inspector will examine your future home from top to bottom, uncovering many common building issues – and some unusual ones, too.

Pest infestation

Timber is the perfect material for a termite colony to live and prosper. The silent invaders can eat away at your property without you even knowing. Because termites go undetected for so long, by the time their destructive work has been identified, repairs may have clocked up thousands of dollars to fix. Brisbane and the Greater Queensland region is prone to termite damage, because the climate suits the little critters perfectly; humid and warm.

Organising a quality home inspection, which will include a termite and pest examination, will prevent costly damage to your home. Such an inspection will also provide you with the peace of mind you need prior to signing a sale agreement.

House foundation problems

You can look for red flag signs that your property may have underlying foundation problems by noticing cracks in the walls, uneven doors or sloping floors. That said, some tell-tale signs might not be noticeable. Quality home inspections will examine under your floors and beneath your house.

Poor drainage

Because of Brisbane’s heavy rainfalls, it is absolutely paramount that your property has adequate drainage. Water needs to drain away from your land and property structure. Poor drainage leads to water damage, and water damage can lead to insurmountable structural problems. Gutters and downspouts are also taken into account with a quality home inspection examining drainage.

Structural defects

Defects such as cavities, rising damp, movements, faults on the roof and signs of mould should be identified and understood prior to your house settlement. Such structural defects become a safety hazard to you and your family, and would therefore be addressed in a quality home inspection report.

Choosing the right company to conduct your home inspection

A building inspection is just one of the many things on your list to do before you buy a property. Choosing the right company to conduct your quality home inspection is imperative. One way to check the legitimacy of a quality home inspection is to ask the firm you’d like to book through to email you a sample copy of their report. If a sample report comes back with 3 to 4 pages, don’t hire them. A quality home inspection report should be around 20 pages, if not more.

Contact Action Property Inspections

Action Property Inspections are highly trained, experienced and trusted inspectors. Book your quality home inspection through Action Property Inspections and you can expect a thorough, friendly service, where nothing is missed.

Brisbane-based Action Property Inspections is owned and managed by a professionally accredited, licensed and insured Master Builder and Inspector.

Make Action Property Inspections your first and only port of call by phoning 1800 642 465. Alternatively, complete the online home inspections booking form here.

Quality building inspections are just a phone call away. Get complete peace of mind before you buy with Action Property Inspections.


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