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Buying in Westlake? Prepurchase Property Inspections Are Essential!

Book your Westlake Pre-Purchase Property Inspection Before You Buy!

With demand through the roof for picturesque Westlake in Brisbane’s south west, you’ll want to book your pre-purchase property inspection quick! If you are currently dreaming of living close to the river on one of Westlake’s glorious tree-lined streets surrounded by parks, ensure you know all you need to know by booking a pre-purchase property inspection with Action Property Inspections. Make sure your investment is a wise one!  

Why buy in Westlake?

Nestled by the river just 14 kilometres or 30 minutes’ drive south west of the Brisbane CBD, Westlake is a lovely place to make a home for your family – especially if you’ve got kids. The commute is short, and it provides a welcome peaceful respite from the hustle and bustle of nearby Brisbane City.  

Developed as part of the Hooker Centenary Project in the 1950s, Westlake is included in the Centenary Suburbs that also include Jindalee, Middle Park, and Jamboree Heights. The suburb is surrounded by beautiful parks and nature walks (some 7 in total) and is close to some of the best shopping in Brisbane at nearby Indooroopilly Shopping Centre, Mount Ommaney Centre, and Jindalee Shopping Centre.  

While Westlake doesn’t boast any schools of its own, families are well-catered for, with Middle Park State School, Jamboree Heights State School, and Centenary Heights High School in nearby suburbs. A new, much-needed restaurant and café precinct has also just opened in Westlake, offering locals everything they need.  

If your looking for another riverside suburb, consider Riverhills.

Westlake properties

Westlake offers beautiful large homes on rolling properties, full of charm and character. While the suburb dates from the 1950s, it doesn’t feel dated – but it offers a lot of the old neighbourhood values of peace and quiet, safety, and elegance.  

Making an investment in Westlake is wise, and it seems the general public is in on this secret, too – listed properties were viewed 1040 times each compared to the Queensland average of just 735 visits per property. The median house price is $875, 000, with an increase of 17.06% on previous years.  

Book a Westlake property inspector

If you’ve uncovered the home of your dreams in Westlake, it is vital that you secure a pre-purchase property inspection before you go any further. If your dream home is sitting at the top of your budget, you may find that you only qualify for an older bargain. But that means securing an excellent building inspection or you’ll be at risk of buying a house you can’t afford to fix.  

Given how close Westlake is to the river, areas of the suburb were affected during the 2011 floods and could be at risk of further flooding in the future. Your house could be full of pests, dry rot, or any number of nasty surprises. Engaging a knowledgeable building and pest inspector can give you peace of mind and ensure you’re putting your hard-earned money into a sound investment.  

Action Property Inspections have worked in the Westlake area for over 25 years – we have local knowledge of the area, and we know what these issues look like. Give yourself the confidence to ensure you buy your dream Westlake home by booking a pre-purchase property inspection. 

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