All You Need to Know About Building Inspection Reports!

All You Need to Know About Building Inspection Reports!
Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about building inspection reports is right here in black and white, to make your home buying experience that much easier!
So, you’ve found your dream home – what’s the next step? Before you jump head first into what might be a financial […]

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Confessions of the Building Inspector

A building inspector is one of the first occupations to notice a problem with a property before a trade is called out to fix the issue. Building inspectors are trained professionals who know what to look for when inspecting a property for faults and defects. A pre-purchase building inspection will always […]

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6 Things Home Inspection Companies Wish You Knew

Six Things Home Inspection Companies Wish You Knew
We all wonder what it’d be like to have a magical crystal ball that could let us see into the future. If there were such a thing, home inspection companies like Action Property Inspections would be out of business! But the reality is, crystal balls don’t exist and […]

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How NOT To Find The Best Building and Pest Inspector Brisbane

The Worst Advice On Finding The Best Building And Pest Inspector In Brisbane

Great title for an article, right? Who wants bad advice? Unfortunately the internet is full of incorrect information. If you’re trying to find the best building and pest inspector in Brisbane – be very wary of whose advice you take!
We’ve been in the […]

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Why Delaying Your Pre-purchase Inspection Is SO Risky

Why Delaying Your Pre-Purchase Inspection Is SO Risky
Excited about the impending purchase of your new home? Don’t let failing to arrange a pre-purchase inspection spoil everything! Delaying your home inspection is a risk you don’t need to take. Here’s why!

Arrange a pre-purchase inspection as soon as possible
Buying a new house is like living in a […]

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Buying to Renovate? Here’s Our Take On Brisbane’s TOP Growth Suburbs

Buying To Renovate? Here’s Our Take On Buying In Brisbane’s TOP Growth Suburbs

Buying to renovate is big business in Brisbane with everyone from property developers to your average Joe keen to have a piece of the property pie.
According to a late 2016 property report from researcher CoreLogic, it appears all eyes are on Brisbane’s top […]

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Brisbane Building And Pest Inspector Reviews – Your Questions Answered!

Seeking a Good Building And Pest Inspector in Brisbane? Here Are Our Answers to All the Top Review Questions.

Buying property is likely to be one of the biggest purchases you’ll make in life, so you want to be sure your new home is not a dud. There are likely to be obvious repairs or signs […]

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Difference Between A Vendor Report And A Building Inspector Report?

Difference Between A Vendor Report And A Building Inspector Report
You’ve got your heart set on a property. It ticks all the right boxes when it comes to location and features. Best of all, it also comes with a bonus, ready-made vendor report. Surely that means you can keep the money you were about to spend […]

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2017 Guide to Building Inspections in West Brisbane. Must Read For Buyers!

The 2017 Guide To Building Inspections In West Brisbane

The prediction for 2017’s property market in Brisbane’s west is for solid growth in housing. Apartments aren’t expected to experience the same rise due to below average growth in the population and the massive multi-dwelling building boom which has oversaturated the market. Want to know more before […]

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Landslip, Tidal Inundation and Filled Ground – Have You Checked With Council?

Landslip, Tidal Inundation And Filled Ground – Have You Checked With Council?
Believe it or not, there’s a lot more to buying a property than making sure everything’s ok on your side of the fence. Sure, it’s crucial to get all your ducks in a row when it comes to finance, building and pest inspections. But […]

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