Queenslander House – What To Consider Before You Buy!

Queenslander-Style Homes – What To Consider Before You Buy!

A Queenslander house is a unique piece of Australian architectural history. Many investors love the relaxed feel of the timber finishes, the old-fashioned charm of the wrap-around verandah, and the colonial colour scheme of the paint. Owning one of these beautiful properties may be your dream – […]

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Renovation Fails – How to spot them and what to do

Renovation Fails: How to spot them and what to do
Thanks to reality TV’s obsession with renovations, it’s easy to believe anyone can renovate and make over a whole house and have it ready to sell in just a few weeks. Whilst many renovation fails are simply a matter of poor taste, some can be downright […]

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The House Settlement Checklist – Your Big Day Is Here.

House Settlement Checklist – Your Big Day Is Here!

Settlement day is fast approaching. Your building and pest inspections went well. The sale is now unconditional. Before long you will be handed the keys to your new home!
But before that day, it’s important to go through a house settlement checklist to ensure the home you’re receiving […]

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Ask The Inspector: Your Townhouse Property Inspection

Ask The Inspector: Townhouse Property Inspections

After months of property inspections you have found the perfect townhouse, in the perfect location. It’s a dream come true. Or is it?
You have worked hard and saved your money for that deposit. The last thing you want is to have a mortgage for a property that has major structural […]

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Buying A property? What’s Covered In Building And Pest Inspections?

What’s Covered In Our Building And Pest Inspections?
The house you’ve fallen in love with on sight can harbour many hidden problems. That’s why building and pest inspections are an absolutely critical step to take BEFORE you purchase a property. Action Property Inspections offers the most comprehensive assessment of your prospective home. Take a look at […]

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I’m buying a home in the Flood Zone in Brisbane

I’m Buying a Home in the Flood Zone in Brisbane

There are a lot of things to consider when purchasing a new, established home. There’s the location, the house design, the price and the outdoor landscape that can make your new house susceptible to natural disasters. It’s important all of these are thought over thoroughly before […]

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All You Need to Know About Building Inspection Reports!

All You Need to Know About Building Inspection Reports!

Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about building inspection reports is right here in black and white, to make your home buying experience that much easier!
So, you’ve found your dream home – what’s the next step? Before you jump head first into what might be a financial […]

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Confessions of the Building Inspector

A building inspector is one of the first occupations to notice a problem with a property before a trade is called out to fix the issue. Building inspectors are trained professionals who know what to look for when inspecting a property for faults and defects. A pre-purchase building inspection will always […]

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6 Things Home Inspection Companies Wish You Knew

Six Things Home Inspection Companies Wish You Knew

We all wonder what it’d be like to have a magical crystal ball that could let us see into the future. If there were such a thing, home inspection companies like Action Property Inspections would be out of business! But the reality is, crystal balls don’t exist and […]

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How NOT To Find The Best Building and Pest Inspector Brisbane

The Worst Advice On Finding The Best Building And Pest Inspector In Brisbane
Great title for an article, right? Who wants bad advice? Unfortunately the internet is full of incorrect information. If you’re trying to find the best building and pest inspector in Brisbane – be very wary of whose advice you take!
We’ve been in the […]

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