Top 10 Questions Brisbane Asks About Building Inspections

Do you have a burning question about building inspections in Brisbane and its surrounds? You’re not the only one!
From ‘What causes cracks in walls?’ to ‘Are weatherboard houses a good investment?’ Brisbane buyers have been hungry for answers before they invest, and rightly so! A pre-purchase building inspection is the only way you can know […]

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Fibre Cement Cladding Problems Your Building Inspector May Find

When it comes to choosing building materials for the external façade of your house, fibre cement cladding has a lot going for it. Not only is it versatile and looks great, but it’s also asbestos-free, weather-proof and resistant to termites. Pretty impressive as far as building materials go, right?!

If you’re planning to invest in a […]

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DIY Home Inspection, Why Is This Even A Thing?

It is very tempting to perform your own home inspection in an effort to save money. The theory is that once you are aware of what to look out for you can very easily and efficiently perform a pre-purchase inspection and do away with the need for expert advice. After all, leaking pipes and cracks […]

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Buying A Fixer Upper In Brisbane? Here’s What You Need To Consider

With the most recent series of The Block finishing up on our screens a few weeks ago, the auction results are certainly a big motivator for trying your hand at your own fixer upper. Yet, what may seem easy on the screen, is anything but easy in real life. There is a lot of behind […]

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Need Building Approvals In Brisbane? Choose Action Property Inspections

Understanding Building Approvals In Brisbane
When you are looking to purchase a home, being aware of illegal or unapproved building additions or modifications to your potential property is essential. Having the right building approvals in place for a Brisbane property is a must; without them, you could find yourself shelling out for expensive renovations you had […]

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News: Subsidence in Brisbane – Is Your Suburb on The Danger List?

News: Subsidence in Brisbane – Is Your Suburb on the Danger List?

Building and pest inspectors are urging home buyers to be wary of subsidence issues in Brisbane suburbs causing devastation to homeowners.
Imagine walking out your back door to find a giant sinkhole developing in your yard! Perhaps your home is cracking and crumbling before your […]

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First Home? Home Inspection For Buyers 101

First Home? Home Inspection For Buyers 101

Ready to break into the property market? Make sure your first step on the property ladder is the right one with a home inspection for buyers.
Buying a home is a big deal and can be a complicated process. Between the paperwork, technical jargon, mortgage brokers and real estate agents, […]

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Action – The Property Inspector Near Me

Why Action Property Inspections is ALWAYS the ‘Pre-Purchase Building Inspector Near Me’

Searching online for a ‘pre-purchase building inspector near me’?
If you’ve found your dream home and are chomping at the bit to sign on the dotted line, you won’t want to mess around trawling through websites to find a trusted, qualified and experienced building and […]

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Five Suburbs That Worry Your Brisbane Building and Pest Inspector

Five Suburbs That Worry Your Brisbane Building and Pest Inspector

From flood-affected areas to pest hot-spots and houses built on reclaimed land, Brisbane has its fair share of problem areas to keep your building and pest inspector on their toes.
A pre-purchase building and pest inspection is essential for anyone buying in Brisbane, especially if you plan […]

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Do Brick Houses Make Good Investments? Find Out Here

Do Brick Houses Make Good Investments?

If you’re looking to make a solid life-long investment, brick houses are definitely the way to go! With their durability, sustainability, and ageless appeal, brick homes remain number one in the hearts and minds of real estate agents and property investors everywhere. Read on to find out why!
Brick houses are […]

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