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Are All Building Inspectors And Reports The Same?

Whilst I would like to say that all Building Inspectors always work in the best interests of their clients, unfortunately this is not always the case.  There’s a huge benefit to getting an Independent Building Inspector to do your report.  Here’s why.

Are you using an independent Building Inspection Company?

Some Building Inspection companies try and hide the fact that they obtain large volumes of work indirectly from the real estate industry. Subsequently these reports tend to be vague, misleading and watered-down so as not to joepardise a potential sale for an estate agent providing further referral work.

Are your Building and Pest Inspections being undertaken by specialists in those fields?

Some Building Inspection companies also adopt a ‘Jack of all Trades’ approach where one inspector carries out both Building and Pest inspections at the same time. The inspection and reporting process for a Building Inspector is entirely different from that of a Pest Inspector. To try and undertake both types of inspections at the one time in a professional manner is often fraught with disaster. There should always be two separate inspectors, each in their own professional field, working in the best interests of their client.

Can you understand your Building Inspection Report?

The presentation of the reports vary significantly. A good Building Inspection Report should be clear and concise and conveyed in a manner that the general public can understand without unnecessary building jargon or complex terminology. The Building Inspection Report should clearly outline all the issues whilst giving helpful information regarding the means of rectification, the severity of the faults, and time frames for suggested repairs to be carried out. The Building Inspection Report should also be backed up with digital photography. Digital photography provides a reference for the faults and also enables easier renegotiation with the aid of the photographic evidence provided within the Building Inspection Report.

Finding the right Building Inspector may be a daunting process, however, my advice would be after you have done all your research, go with your gut feeling and don’t be tempted to simply choose the Inspector that provides the cheapest quote. As they say, if you pay peanuts, you’ll end up with monkeys.

To assist you in finding a Building Inspector that you can trust, use this free checklist to ensure that the company you choose can meet your requirements.

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