What Does A Building and Pest Inspection Cost in Ipswich QLD?

Our homes are often our biggest investments – and it’s a real pain when they keep costing us our hard-earned money. When a house you’ve spent a substantial sum on requires further renovation, replacement or rebuild, it can quickly put you in a financial hole.

Here at Action Property Inspections, we provide a professional pre-purchase building and property inspection to ensure no nasty surprises further down the track. But what will these inspections actually cover – and more to the point, what will a building and pest inspection cost? Ipswich buyers, read on!

What do you get with a building and pest inspection?

Peace of mind! With a building and pest inspection for your Ipswich property, you will have a trained professional check everything over for potential issues. These can include structural integrity, propensity for weather extremes, and pests.

We will inspect:

  • The natural environment of your allotment: trees, tree roots, flood-prone areas, driveways, pathways fences, and the structures built on ground
  • Garages: frames, doors, concrete slab floors
  • House exterior: paying close attention to decking, verandas, pergolas and pipes, roofs, gutters, antennas, chimneys, etc
  • House interior (general): windows, fans, exhausts, floorboards, walls, joinery, cabinets, ceilings, light fittings, etc
  • Common problem areas like kitchens and bathrooms for decay, corrosion, water damage, mould, moisture penetration, leaks, rusting, warping and more
  • Roof interiors and underfloor areas to check the integrity of linings, structure, insulation, supports, foundations, retaining walls, etc
  • All areas for signs of pest infestations, ensuring the safety of termite barriers and ant caps

What does a building and pest inspection cost in Ipswich?

You will find the cheapest packages for building and pest inspections starting from about $350, and the higher-end options sitting at around $1200, with plenty of good-quality inspections at price points in between.

Why shouldn’t you get the cheapest inspection to keep costs down?

Character homes in Ipswich (especially those with proximity to bushland or river frontage) are susceptible to flooding, pests and drainage problems which can be hidden for years until it’s too late.

If you’ve gone for the cheapest inspection (or skipped one altogether), you might find that you’re forking over more cash for serious repairs down the line, meaning you haven’t really saved any money by choosing a low-priced inspector.

One way cheap building and pest inspection companies cut their costs is by having one person doing both the pest and building inspections, streamlining these two very different checks. This can lead to error and items being missed, rather than having two specialised professionals compile two specialised reports.

It’s often not worth the risk to opt for low-cost pre-purchase inspections for houses that withstand the kind of environment Ipswich must. Peace of mind is priceless!


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