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Building and Pest Inspections In Goodna Are A Must!

Looking To Buy In Goodna? Here’s Why Building and Pest Inspections Are A Must

Goodna is a great area to explore if you’re looking to enter the Brisbane property market on a budget. Likewise, if you’re an investor searching for a solid rental property. Houses in Goodna move relatively quickly once listed for sale, but acting quickly means you’ll be able to grab a well-priced property. Arranging your professional building inspections should always be part of your Goodna property purchasing plan.

Why you should consider property in Goodna

Goodna is an older established Brisbane suburb, and at only 20km from the CBD it sits conveniently between the South East Queensland cities of Brisbane and Ipswich. It’s thought settlement of the suburb can be traced back to the 1820s and the area was known originally as a farming area.

Modern Goodna is growing and in 2009 the Goodna Town Plan was released to guide further growth and development of the area. The main shopping district continues to expand and services residents from adjoining suburbs such as Gailes, Bellbird Park and Camira.

Considered a lower-socio economic area, Goodna, at times, has been on the receiving end of some bad press. That said, residents praise the suburb with one declaring “Goodna is a great location with a variety of shops and parks within less than a 10 minute drive. It has the train station centrally located making it an easy ride into the city for work.”  Goodna is also close to some of Brisbane’s less desirable locations, including prisons, industrial estates and the like – which means that property values aren’t likely to skyrocket any time soon.  That means that investing in Goodna is about choosing the RIGHT property.  Action Property Inspections can help you decide if that bargain property is really a bargain or if it’s a poor investment that will cost you long term.

Other notable features of the suburb include ample childcare services, medical and government services, schools, a TAFE and a wide range of sporting clubs and facilities.  Looking nearby?  Here’s some other local options.


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The sorts of homes you might expect to find in Goodna

Goodna offers an eclectic mix of housing styles. Traditional low set brick homes sit by more modern residences. There are also chamferboard and timber homes available. Your experienced building inspector should be looking for signs of wear and tear in an established home, including subsidence or water damage. In modern builds, it’s essential to ensure every facet meets the requirements of the latest building codes.

With much of the community being young families with children, and a significant percentage of them in rental accommodation, property is good value. As at December 2015, a 3-bedroom home can be purchased for under $300,000, with a 4-bedroom property selling for an average of $312,500. The average rent for a 4-bedroom house in Goodna is $360 making purchase price attractive for both new buyers and investors alike.

First Home Buyers in Goodna

Goodna is a favourite for first home buyers because of its affordable options.  Because Goodna has some less than desirable features nearby (the prison for one) buying your first home in the area means you can’t rely solely on Brisbane’s burgeoning property market to make your next ladder rung easier.  It also means Goodna is a good location to negotiate prices.  Go into each open home with your eyes wide open and know how to start the buying process with the upper hand.  Our report on being a savvy first home buyer is all about helping you feel confident to pay the lowest price for your first home.

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Organising a building and pest inspection when buying your Goodna property

Once you’ve signed a contract, an experienced building and pest inspector will be able to give the property in Goodna a thorough once over to ensure it’s a solid purchase and there are no nasty surprises lurking behind the walls. Action Property Inspectors are familiar with the area. Contact us today to discuss your needs. Building and pest inspections are a small investment in your Goodna property that can possibly save heartache, worry and potential expense down the track.

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