What Termites Sound Like
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What Termites Sound Like

Quite often we hear from clients that they think they can hear the sound of termites in the walls of their house. They then try and make a weird clicking sound and say is this what termites sound like? In most instances the noises people are referring to relate to nothing more than mice or cockroaches scurrying within wall cavities. Unfortunately, mice and cockroaches can even invade the most well-kept homes.

That being said, termites can make a sound when they have been disturbed and feel threatened. The sound a termite makes is created by the termites banging their head/bodies on the sides of the tunnel or timber they are hiding within. In this video you will hear the audible clicking sound of the aggravated termites we discovered whilst undertaking building inspections Brisbane. These very active and destructive termites were actually located in a house in the inner-city suburb of Woolloongabba. You certainly do not have to be surrounded by bush or in a very leafy suburb to succumb to the destructive capabilities of termites. It is amazing how often termites are even found in new houses in new estates. In one instance we found termites in the framework supporting a spa bath whilst we were undertaking a handover inspection.

This termite invasion in this particular video was subsequently treated however not before considerable damage had occurred. It is imperative that annual pest inspections are carried out to detect possible termite activity before damage occurs to your property. Depending on the type of house construction you have and the level of susceptibility to termite attack, you should consider a form of termite protection. This may involve a chemical barrier around your house such as “Termidor” or the installation of bait stations etc. Consult your pest inspector as to what best suits your particular situation.

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