Lock In Your Building Inspections For Greenbank Now So You Can Ride The Success Of Its Friendly Neighbour!

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There’s no doubt that Greater Springfield is growing at a rapid rate with new infrastructure and services popping up regularly. Why not take advantage and consider property and building inspections at Greenbank, the suburb next door?

Greenbank is a rural-residential suburb of Logan, located only 12km from Springfield Central where you will find an abundance of parks, water parks and eateries. The Orion Shopping Centre supplies all your essentials and the Brisbane CBD is just a 35 minute drive away.

In the 1880s dairy farming and timber were Greenbank’s main industries and in the 1890s Greenbank Station was divided into farming estates. In August 1951, military authorities resumed large parcels of land in Greenbank and the Greenbank Army Camp began its life. In 1996 the Greenbank Military Training Area was placed on the register of the National Estate and is still in use today, not only as a training facility but as a largely untouched wildlife refuge due to the uncleared land.

Why you might buy in Greenbank

Greenbank is known for its rural-residential feel, very different to a typical residential suburb. With many large acreage blocks and greenery, it’s perfect for families looking to stretch out and appreciate the great outdoors.

Besides its rural qualities, Greenbank is where you’ll find 84.8% of homes either owned outright or under mortgage according to the last census in 2011, likely demonstrating it’s an affordable suburb where families prefer to live instead of invest. Young families make up most of the residents in Greenbank. The median price for a 3 bedroom home is $500,000 as at April 2016 and the average cost of renting in Greenbank is $430 per week.

Greenbank is home to a state school, public library and various sporting facilities but hugely benefits from its close proximity to Springfield Central. There, you’ll find everything from hospitals and medical centres, universities and high schools to retail and commercial centres.

Arranging your building inspection in Greenbank

With lovely big blocks of land and trees all around, Greenbank properties can certainly be prone to pests. Give yourself peace of mind and have a qualified building inspector who knows the Greenbank area help you with your pre-purchase inspections. Action Property Inspections do building inspections in Greenbank regularly, and can ensure a smooth property purchase.

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