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Why Building Inspections Are Essential In Rocklea

Why It’s Crucial To Organise Property Inspections If You’re Buying In Rocklea

Rocklea is a Brisbane suburb that has come to prominence of late, notably for being identified as one of the city’s hottest locations for property investors. With the median house price under $400,000 Rocklea is also proving to be popular with younger couples wanting to enter the Brisbane market not too far from the centre of town. But before you jump at these opportunities, protect your investment with pre-arranged property inspections by an inspector who knows Rocklea.

While it ticks all the boxes of its far pricier neighbours, Rocklea is firmly in the Brisbane flood zone.  The value of Rocklea investments doesn’t just vary street to street, it could value home to home!  Pre-purchase inspections in Rocklea aren’t just a must… you’ll need a superior, conscientious and thorough building inspector in Rocklea. This is NOT an area to skimp on!

Why you’d consider purchasing property in Rocklea

At only 9km from the centre of Brisbane, Rocklea offers convenient access to the CBD, making it an ideal choice for city workers. Independent young people are a significant portion of the suburb’s residents, as are couples and families who enjoy the affordability.

The Brisbane Fruit and Vegetable Markets are located in Rocklea and much of the area surrounding the markets has heavy industrial use. There are some older, weatherboard homes interspersed amongst business and warehouses; mainly post-war era with some still offering renovation opportunity. Your building inspector is the best person to advise on any potential problems with renovating these older Rocklea homes.

Rocklea is easily reached by a number of major arterial roads because heavy vehicles frequently require convenient access to the markets. Jumping onto the motorway is simple and the popular Gold Coast is only 45 minutes south.

All required services and amenities are available nearby and public transport is readily accessible. The local state school is one of Brisbane’s smallest but is now very well resourced after almost being destroyed by the 2011 floods.

Affordability is the major reason people purchase property in Rocklea and demand for properties outstrips availability. Younger couples wanting to enter the housing market find the suburb well priced with three-bedroom homes available under $400,000. The average rental return of $408 per week for a four-bedroom property means that investors are doing well from the area. Nearby suburbs of Acacia Ridge, Archerfield and Durak could also be considered but are a bit above Rocklea’s price range.


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What’s the catch? The reasons to take care when looking to buy in Rocklea

Affordable houses in Rocklea are not necessarily a bargain and it’s recommended that potential buyers are diligent as the suburb is flood prone. 2011 saw Rocklea’s boundary creeks Oxley Creek, Stable Swamp Creek and Rocky Waterholes Creek responsible for significant flood damage in the suburb. It’s reported that only four streets in Rocklea were unaffected by floodwaters. Now some years later, many houses in Rocklea have been renovated to repair prior water damage. It must be recognised that purchasing in the area poses significant risk and this makes arranging a building inspection even more important.

First Home Buyer? Andrew’s tips for buying in Rocklea

When you think back to the 2011 floods, the one image that comes to mind is the cabbages floating away from Rocklea markets!  Yes, Rocklea is in the flood zone.  It’s vital to check every single property you look at against the Floodwise Report so you can go into the purchase with your eyes wide open.  Look for signs of flood damage – something as simple as elevated storage could mean that the seller is trying to obscure the extent of flood damage in the past.

Rocklea is a suburb on the border of far more desirable addresses.  Salisbury and Mt Gravatt have long been investor favourites and Rocklea offers the “poorer cousin” option for first home buyers.  Still with access to great amenities, good solid rental potential and relatively close proximity to the city – Rocklea is about finding the diamonds in the rough.  Your prospective Rocklea home will need a Brisbane Southside building inspector that will ensure a superior pre-purchase inspection to secure return on investment – the risks are too high otherwise.


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Organising building inspections if buying in Rocklea

When buying property in Rocklea, it’s not enough to merely consult a flood map. Protecting your investment will take considerable due diligence. The best guarantee of a sound purchase comes with thorough building inspections by a qualified service provider who knows Rocklea well.

Action Property Inspections have experience in the area and are available to undertake your pre-purchase inspection. Get in touch with them today if you’ve got your eye on a house in Rocklea.

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