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Modern Suburban House

Ipswich is experiencing massive growth in the areas of commerce, industry and residential. Flinders View is a residential suburb of Ipswich located only four kilometres from the Ipswich CBD and a 40-minute drive from the Brisbane CBD.

Urbanisation began in Flinders View back in the 1980s and as the years passed, local shops opened as well as Winston Glades Shopping Centre in 1998.

With a number of childcare centres, public primary and secondary schools, and various parks and sporting facilities within four kilometres of the suburb, Flinders View is truly family-friendly. It’s easy to understand why families with children make up the highest proportion of people living in Flinders View.

The median house price in Flinders View has increased each month since May 2015, although it has remained steady from February to April 2016. If leading real estate commentator Michael Matusik’s report is anything to go by, Ipswich house prices are set to increase by 20% in the next year—so now is a good time to get looking at properties and to arrange your building inspections, Flinders View residents!

Why you might buy in Flinders View

Besides its family-friendly qualities, Flinders View is where you’ll find 68% of homes either owned outright or under mortgage—indicating it’s affordable and it’s a place where people want to stay. The average median house price is $362 500 as at April 2016 and the average cost of renting in Flinders View is $330 per week.

Being so close to the Ipswich CBD, Flinders View residents enjoy access to various health facilities and services, a wide range of places to eat as well as the growing cultural aspect of Ipswich. As one of Queensland’s oldest provincial cities, Ipswich continues to showcase its heritage and prides itself on its cultural tourism with museums, galleries, workshops, festivals, historic sites, theatres and eateries.

Arranging your building inspection in Flinders View

So, you love the sound of living in Ipswich and Flinders View, and want to get in before the reported price rise happens? Well, you’ll want to get the contract moving with an experienced building inspector in Flinders View—someone who can perform a comprehensive building inspection for you, FAST!

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